Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yeah, Yeah, I know....

Back when I started this blog, I had high aspirations that it would be a place where, DAILY, I'd post a quote, anecdote, or some piece of wisdom that I'd acquired the day before, maybe some piece of inspiration that dawned on me. Once I started the blog, I suddenly felt pressure to make it extraordinary, and that pressure froze me in my tracks. I was reading the blogs of women much, much wiser than myself, and I felt that there was no way I'd measure up to that, so why even try?

Well, I'm back, and I'm ready to give it another shot. However, this time I'm not putting pressure on myself to "perform" daily or to try to be so profound that your socks will fly off every time you visit and read my posts. My intention is to share my experiences and hope that sometimes (maybe not every time) you might take away a little nugget to ponder.

This week I felt stirrings of the promise of a new chapter in my life. A chapter written by ME, not by other peoples' expectations of me. Is it scary? yep. Am I gonna let the fear paralyze me? no way. I know in my heart that I'm on the right path. I know that it may be hard to go back to college full time with a family to care for. But I also know that I am setting an example for my kids. I'm letting them know that it's okay to follow your dreams, and that when you're a part of a family you all work together to help each member accomplish his or her goals.

I'm not gonna lie...I'm anxious about it, but that anxiety is overshadowed by sheer bliss. I am finally doing what my HEART tells me is right, not what my BRAIN tells me is practical, and it feels GREAT.

I hope that you have the courage to follow your dreams...big, small, and in-between. Go for it. I believe in YOU.